Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Traditions

A few years ago my family started a new Thanksgiving tradition. Most families use the last week of Thanksgiving to spend time with loved ones and have lots of warm fuzzy moments. Not us. We go to the boats in Shreveport. Nothing like saying thanks at a blackjack table with a drink in your hand. It's not as bad as it sounds. We don't go on Thanksgiving day, just a few days before. This past Tuesday when Brad got off work we hit the road. Earlier that day I realized that this would be Kherington's first overnight trip and her first time in another state. I wanted to stop and take a picture at the 'Welcome to Louisiana' sign, but it was already dark at that point in our journey. We would have been there a little earlier if Brad and I had not been too busy talking to see I20...not exactly the easiest thing to miss, but we managed. Our mishap went unnoticed until we were entering Gladewater (that's a good 15 miles past our turn). Drive, drive, drive, music, music, chat, chat...all with fingers crossed that Kherington would sleep until we got there. She did just that. Finally, we were there. Let the fun begin, for Brad that is. I'm not a real big fan of throwing money in the trashcan, so I didn't do any gambling. I stayed in the room with Andrea, Ave, and Addison watching "So You Think You Can Dance." Brad, on the other hand, is a huge fan of that, so he went to play blackjack. It's a real fun game, but he has not honed his craft yet. :) His time spent at a blackjack table is why we get coupons for 'free' hotel rooms in the mail and why they give 'free' drinks while you gamble. While the night was winding down, the girls were not. They built a tent for a movie theater in the corner. In that tent Addison decided to write on a pillow case with a pen (Sorry Sam's Town), scratch Avery in the face, and spill an entire orange soda in the floor. Gotta love her! Finally Andrea got them calm and in the bed watching a movie. Mom offered to keep Kherington in her room, so Brad and I got a full nights sleep!!! After a wild and crazy night in Shreveport (yeah right), we spent the day shopping at The Boardwalk in Shreveport. Trying to fit clothes on this new mommy body I've got wasn't fun! Somehow, those 5 pounds that I have left prevent me from wearing anything that they sell in any store on the entire Boardwalk. Kherington and Brad got plenty of new things. Luckily, no matter how big you get, shoes still fit, so I got a new pair of tennis shoes to run in. That has yet to happen, but they sure do look cool. After a delicious lunch/dinner at Salt Grass we came home and unpacked just to pack all over again for the next morning.

Rise and shine! I got up the next morning to finish packing and get ready to go to Cleburne. Let the traditional Thanksgiving festivities begin. We had a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of us and needed to stop by a grocery store for the rolls. Thank goodness that's all we were in charge of bringing since Brad failed to tell me. Luckily his mom predicted that and text me the day before to let me know. Kherington was a doll again and slept the whole way there waking up just in time to scream as we walked in the door. Nothing a little formula won't fix. She was in heaven for the rest of our visit. Never a moment without the attention of someone, usually several people at once. She got to meet several people that she had never met before, a few aunts and uncles, several cousins, and her great grandmother. She spent a lot of her day awake with out much of a nap, so I was looking forward to a good night's sleep. That was not the case! She didn't go to sleep until 12, woke up at 1, 3, and again at 7 to get the day started. You gotta be kidding me! I was good for nothin' the next day. After more family time and lots more football, we headed back to Tyler. On the way back the Heavens opened up and the angels sang as I ate a meal from Taco Cabana. Oh the delight!! When we got home Kherington was snoozing in her car seat. She woke up and had a little play time in her bouncy seat and a bath in her tub. Once again, I was sure Kherington would let us get some sleep. Boy was I ever wrong...again. Maybe it's the snotty nose and cough that she got along the way. I'm SO not ready for a sick baby. Let's just hope that tonight is better!! Overall, Thanksgiving was a success. One holiday down, one to go. Now I have to start getting gifts...

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