Friday, November 6, 2009

Attn: New Dads

My brother, Aaron, spent the day with me and Kherington today. At one point he decided that he'd change her diaper. This is a rare occurrence! He swears he's changed Addison's (our niece) diaper once or twice, but I never witnessed it. Aaron is the kind of person that asks about a thousand questions before doing anything new. Before he could start with the questions, I told him that the only thing he needed to know was to wipe her hiney from front to back. I guess that was not easy for a guy's brain to remember, so he said front to back, belly button to crack. Really Aaron?! How can anyone make changing a newborns diaper sound so gross? I guess he needed a little rhyme to remember what to do. So, for all of you new dads/uncles with baby girls, just remember front to back, belly button to crack.

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