Sunday, November 15, 2009

Daddy in Action

Our day started with Kheri Jo's first time at church and lunch at Bodacious. It was delish! I've missed going to eat there. Brad has brought it home a couple times since she was born, but it's just not the same as actually going to the restaurant. At home, you can't drown your BBQ sandwich in their sauce like you can if you actually go there. Church and lunch was a great outing, but I needed to go shopping for some stuff that Kherington needs for day care. (She is starting Wednesday...sore subject...let's don't even go there) We didn't want to push our luck, and I knew Kherington would be eager to stretch out at home. I dropped off Aaron, Brad, and Kherington at home and left for Babies 'R Us. Brad is so great with her when I'm at home, so I didn't think to tell him anything before I left. While I'm shopping (the trip for formula and diapers turned into a baby clothes shopping spree. It's hard not to look at clothes at B.R.U. They have Amy Coe clothes which btw are the cutest baby clothes ever!) I get a call. I can hear Kherington crying in the background, and Brad asks in somewhat of a panic, "What time did she eat?" I tell him that it's been a little over 2 hours, so she might be hungry since she didn't finish her bottle from earlier. Problem solved, or so I thought. We hung up, and the phone call didn't cross my mind again. You may be thinking that the panic in his voice should have lit a fire under me and sped up my shopping trip. However, if you know Brad, (bless his heart) you know that he tends to get frazzled in situations like that. He can be a bit uptight, and is a huge non-fan of Kherington's pitiful little cry. I knew that everything was really ok, even if he didn't. I finish looking at clothes, grab the necessities, and head home. (Side story - As I lay my things on the counter to check out, the girl asks, "Would you like to save 10% today?" My answer is always, "No, thanks." That conversation always makes me feel like a total snot. Who wouldn't want to save 10%? I know it's not gonna be that simple though. It's going to be some form I have to fill out or a credit card. I don't have time for that, even if I will save 10%. They shouldn't be allowed to ask it like that. They should have to say, "Would you like to waste 10 precious minutes of your busy day to fill out a form, only to save about 2 bucks?") Whew...I feel like my ADD just kicked in. Back to the story. Finally home, I walked in the door to find a puddle of partially mixed formula in the dining room floor. I immediately died laughing. Why is it that in the 8 weeks that I have been at home with her there has yet to be an entire bottle spill in the floor? I walk a little further to find Kherington and Brad sitting in the recliner and Aaron sitting on the couch. Aaron and Brad look a little stressed, but Kherington is looking fat, dumb, and happy. (That is Brad's saying for "Man, I really enjoyed that meal". I would never think of that on my own! I guess he is rubbing off on me.) I get a little closer to see that Brad is covered in spit up. How in the heck could such a disaster have happened so quickly?
I have since gotten Brad's version of the story. What I wouldn't give to hear Kherington's side. I'm sure it was a funny sight to see! I'll try to relay it to you just as he told me. Evidently when I left, Kherington was already fussy and headed on a downward spiral. "She had a wet diaper and was due to eat." NO! Not both of those things at the same time. What ever will he do?! So, next he changed her diaper. Good start! Now, it was time to fix a bottle. I had recently washed her bottles, so there were a few left in the pot on the stove from me boiling them. There were also a few dirty bottles here and there. He found a clean bottle and the ring that screws on the top, but no clean nipple. He says he looked 'everywhere,' while she was screaming. While his frantic search continued, Aaron picked up Kherington because the crying had intensified. Maybe there's a nipple in the diaper bag. While Brad was digging through the diaper bag like a pregnant woman digs in the pantry, his hands got a little crazy and knocked the bottle into the floor. It finally came to him to check in the pot on the stove. There they are! He made a bottle, and they finally had one happy baby! The disaster was over..well, aside from the massive amount of spit up that was on the way. I asked him later why he didn't just rinse out the nipple from the dirty bottle in the living room. He said, "I've never seen you do that, so I didn't know it was an option." Bless his heart! How precious is that?! With this episode under his belt, I think he is ready to brave bath time.

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  1. Kara I just read your blog and have laughed my self silly! It brought back so many faded memories of my little girl and her Daddy and Poppa. I think it is so wonderful that you are sharing these events and keeping them for Kherington to one day be able to read and chuckle too! I'm sure Brad appreciates you sharing his feats also. LOL Keep up the fantastic blogging!!