Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gotta love 2nd grade....

One of the stations in my classroom is the "Dear Mrs. Baca" station. Each of my students has a journal. They write letters to me, and I write them back. I hear lots of kind things like "You're the best teacher ever," and "You are so pretty." I recently read a letter that was a little different, still sweet though. One of my kids wrote..

Dear Mrs. Baca, If your hilter ever runs out of hilt I will get you some more.

I was so confused about what he meant. I went next door to Ms. Gaines who teaches 2nd grade with me. She taught kindergarten for years before teaching 2nd grade, so who better for the job of decoding the writing of a child. Even she could not figure out what he was saying. The next day I called the student to my table while the kids were in stations and said, "I loved your letter. Can you read it for me?" He said, "Dear Mrs. Baca, If your highlighter ever runs out of highlight, I will get you some more." How precious is that? Is that a sign that I need to put the highlighter away?

Here's a poem that I got from one of my kiddos. I'll translate for those who don't teach elementary school. :)

rosis are red (Roses are red)
bluw bonis are blu (Bluebonnets are blue)
the owe I cair (The one I care)
abowt is you (About it you)
I cair abowt you (I care about you)
mor than flowers (More than flowers)
so hav haqqy owrs (So have happy hours)

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