Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Plan

In 18 days, I will have to drop Kherington off care. The thought makes me cringe. I'm a pretty reasonable girl, so I have come up with a reasonable plan to solve my day care woes. This means I have 18 days to become one of those famous bloggers with thousands of followers and so many ads on my page that I don't have to work. I know, I know, it's a brilliant idea, especially considering that I have 3 followers (2 being my mom and sister) and no ads. All I need is a hook. Everyone with a blog that people love has a 'thing.' What can mine be? Help!!!

If you know me you could probably sense the sarcasm there, but you also know that I am partially serious. I know that it is completely ridiculous, but it's kinda like when you get a lottery ticket or go gambling. You know you're not going to win, but deep down you think if you just want to win bad enough, you'll win a million dollars. Andrea, I know you know what I'm talking about. :)


So...It's 1:22 AM and I am waiting for Kherington to wake up to eat. I know, I need to sleep when she sleeps. Yeah right! She fell asleep at 10:30, so I thought, 'Ok, she'll wake up at 12:30ish, I'll feed her, and we'll go to bed.' I like to stay awake for that first nighttime feeding. It's better to stay up late than to wake up after being sound asleep. She'd probably rather me stay awake as well. I'm not exactly coherent when I feed her during the night. You could probably compare my daytime feedings to driving a car, and my nighttime feedings to driving that same car...with a few drinks in me.

Usually when I sit down to blog, I have in mind exactly what I want to say, and it serves some purpose. This one is in no way meant to entertain anyone, it's for more selfish reasons. I'm just trying to pass time until she wakes up. Luckily I had "Annie" recorded on my DVR for this exact reason. I knew it would come in handy one day. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow..." I love this movie. Ok, Kherington's stomach is growling like a freaking bear. Seriously?!?! Am I going to have to wake a sleeping baby? I may regret it, but here goes. You may hear about this tomorrow. If there is no blog, consider that good news.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Pics

Kherington has been smiling for the past few days, but I finally caught it with my camera today. Here's that colgate smile! (Except, as Addison says, "She don't have any teef.")

Maternity leave is turning me into a crafty, blogging, cleaning, organizing, online shopping fool. These are all things that I was not likely to do before. As a matter of fact, these things are all opposite from me pre-baby. Here's a pic of one the crafty things I've done. I had lots of cards welcoming Kherington into the world. I didn't want to throw them away, but I knew if they got stuck in a box in the closet they would be as good as trash because I would never find them again. My sister, Andrea, told me about something that she saw on another blog. It's called a blessing ring. I hung it in her room where we can read them anytime, and it's a cheap decoration!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Attn: Coaches' Wives

New baby + football season = bad timing :)

If you are reading this, you probably know that my husband is a football coach at Chapel Hill. Having a baby during football season was not my smartest moment. Not only am I home by myself 90% of the time, I have also missed out on going to the games on Friday nights. During the week, weather is perfect, and without fail, every Friday has either been rainy or cold. Earlier in the week I started thinking about going to the freshman game on Thursday. It's at 5:00 as opposed to 7:00, like the varsity games, so it shouldn't be too cold yet. The weather was predicted to be a comfortable temperature but rainy. Even though Brad told me that Kherington and I could sit in the press box, I still didn't want to have to walk to or from the car in the rain. I checked the weather all day hoping that it would change, but I wasn't that lucky. Reluctantly, I decided to brave the weather and go! When we arrived, the weather was pleasant. Brad met me at the car and walked us up to the press box, let us in, and turned on the AC. Watching a game in an air conditioned room...I could get used to this. Right behind us, walked in a high school student. Soon I figured out that he was there to film the game. Immediately I pictured a room full of coaches watching game film on Saturday afternoon and hearing Kherington scream in the background. No pressure, but 'that baby better not cry.' I could see it on his face. At this point Kherington was still sleeping soundly in her car seat, so I was able to enjoy the game.
We made it through the first quarter without incident. As the second quarter started, so did the monsoon. Bring on the rain, in sheets as a matter of fact. I can handle a little rain, but can the boys? Fumble, missed snap, blocked punt, fumble... We only made it through the first few minutes of the 2nd quarter before, BOOM! Lightening cleared the field and bleachers as Kherington and I sat in the press box. I thought "What in the *^$# am I going to do?" I can't walk to the car with her, she'll get soaked. I can't just stay here, we'll get struck by lightening. Brad is a smart man. Evidently he could read my mind, because in he walked. He borrowed a poncho from another coach and pulled my car as close as he could. He draped her car seat with the poncho and off we went. Kherington's first football game was one that I will always remember.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Learn something new every day...

That saying has been true more than ever before since having Kherintgon. This past week I have learned a few new things that I wish I had thought of 4 weeks ago.

As I mentioned before, I have googled everything there is to know about a new baby. (I am probably a google-aholic.) Since she's been consistently going to bed after 1 each night, I looked up ways to change that habit. I decided to change our bedtime routine. Our new routine (compliments of my internet search) is to take a walk, weather permitting, at about 6 or 7 and have her bath time between 8 and 9 followed by a bottle and hopefully s-l-e-e-p. Another idea was to walk with the baby in a sling during the day to soothe them and get them ready for a good night's sleep. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I'm desperate to get her to go to sleep earlier before I start back to work. On Wednesday I tried all of our new tricks. During the day when she started getting fussy, I put her in the sling while I walked around tidying up the house. I no more than put her in and looked away for one second before looking back at her to find her sound asleep! Why have I not been using this thing all along?! I'm pretty sure it was the soundest sleep and best nap she's had. That evening we went for a walk using her new stroller for the first time. She loved that as well. Next came bath time which is our favorite activity of the day. That night she went to sleep at 9:00!! Not only did she go to bed hours earlier than normal, she only woke up once for a bottle and went right back to sleep! Now let's just hope that continues!

The other thing that I learned this week is probably a little selfish. I am SICK of listening to the songs that her swing and bouncy seat play, but she LOVES them. That annoying music is probably the best medicine for her crying, but it is going to drive me to drinking. :) Her swing plays lots of songs along the lines of 'Twinkle Twinkle' and 'Rock a bye Baby.' It sounds exactly like a polyphonic ring tone from 2001. It's a bit sad that it took me four weeks to come up with such a simple plan, but I finally had a solution. I downloaded (legally might I add) several soothing songs that I like, made a 'sleep' play list, and added it to my Ipod. He swing is quite fancy and has a place to plug an Ipod and play the music on it. Luckily these songs sat well with her, so now instead of sleeping to the high pitched version of 'Hush Little Baby,' she snoozes to the sweet sounds of John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, and Jason Mraz. Thank you technology!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Night Owl

During Kherington's first three weeks, we have already learned that she is a night owl. I can't imagine why she likes to stay up so late. I refuse to believe that it has anything to do with the Payday and Coke that I craved every night at 10 or 11 while I was pregnant with her. Not only did I crave it, the craving was fulfilled. My wonderful husband made many late night trips for my little snack. (All that sugar is probably where those extra pounds that are still hanging around came from too.) All of this to say that last night as Kherington and I were having a little tiff about whether or not it was time to go to sleep, I took this picture of her. She thinks if she opens her eyes REALLY wide they won't close, and she won't fall asleep.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things every new mommy should know...

As a first time mom, I've googled just about everything you could possible need to know about a baby. In my many searches I found lots of lists, "15 Ways to Soothe a Baby," "New Mom Must-Haves," "New Mom Survival Tips," "Things Every New Mom Should Know." No where did I see a list of things a new mom should NEVER do. I'm going to try to help you by making this list as I learn these things the hard way.

1. Never put up the foot rest on the recliner when trying to put your baby to sleep. During our first week home, Kherington and I were in the living room getting ready for the night ahead of us. She had just finished a bottle and fallen asleep in my arms. She was asleep, but I wasn't ready to put her down yet, so I put the foot rest up to get comfortable. We had a little mommy/daughter bonding time before I finally thought she was sleeping soundly enough to put her down. I pulled the handle to put the foot rest down, and it made the most atrocious sound and propelled us out of the chair. Kherington's arms shot out to the side and instantly started crying. Back to the drawing board...

2. Never try to hold your baby to get their PKU test. On the day that Kherington turned 2 weeks old, I had to take her back to the hospital for them to do do the 2nd heel stick for the PKU. Luckily my mother-in-law was visiting that week, so she was there to help. As we walked into the hospital, I was nauseous thinking about the germs. It was as if I could see them floating around in the air. The walk to the 4th floor was a long one. They filled out the paper work and took us into a room. Kherington was still in her car seat, so the nurse told us that it would be better if one of us would hold her. She was locked in her car seat as secure as a murderer at Alcatraz, so it took a hot second to get her out. I held her in the position that the nurse instructed and they stuck a lifesized needle in her foot. If that had been the end of it I would have been fine, but they had to squeeze the blood out of her foot for what seemed like an eternity! A 'wave of nausea' (as Mama Jane would say) came over me, and I started feeling hot and very weak. I'm not one to ask for help so I tried to stick it out. I finally realized that I was on the verge of passing out and I pictured Kherington and I laying on the hospital floor...not a pretty sight. "Somebody's got to get here!" I finally said. Leslie quickly grabbed her and I sat down on the bed. You may be thinking 'what a drama queen,' but I'm telling you that I literally almost passed out!

3. Don't waste your time dressing your baby in her cutest duds to go to the doctor. The night before Kherington's 1 week check up, I got her bag all packed and picked out a cute outfit for her to wear. I just couldn't wait for the nurse and doctor (and anyone else who noticed or cared) to see how cute she looked in her brown onesie with big flowers and her pink pants with ruffles on the hiney. Trust me...she looked adorable. Once at the doctor, we were pointed to room 4 and told to take everything off of her except her diaper. In my head I'm thinking, "Are you sure you don't want to take a look at her first. She looks really cute. :)" Reluctantly I took off her clothes. Not long after, the nurse came in to weigh her. Next, the doctor came in, Kherington still in her diaper only, and took a look at her. Just like that, her check-up was over. So, the moral of this story is...I know that you have tons of cute outfits that your bundle of joy has to wear before they outgrow them, but the doctor's office is not the time or place. The awful outfit that's in the back of the dresser drawer that you never intended on putting your baby in (since it's so u-g-l-y it's probably really easy to get off and on) will probably be the better choice. Here's another helpful hint. Since it may be the only time he/she dons the outfit, make sure you take a picture and email it to that well meaning person that bought it for him/her to show your appreciation for the hideous thing.

That's all I have for now, but that's just from Kherington's first three weeks. I'll keep this list going as I learn more. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Road Trip

Monday, October 12, 2009 - Rise and shine! Kherington and I have been sleeping in together since we came home from the hospital, but we actually had plans and had to set an alarm. That's one thing I have NOT missed! I'm still a novice at getting another person ready in the morning, but we were successful for the 2nd time at getting out the door on time. As I was putting Kherington in her carseat, she did not seem pleased. The whines started to turn into a cry, until I cranked the car and backed out of the driveway....silence. Could I BE any luckier. She loved the car ride and slept most of the way. We picked up my mom in Mt. Pleasant, and she rode with us to Paris to go see Mama Jane. We spent the afternoon with Mama Jane, Lisa, Sue, Janee, and Kenzie. I don't think Kherington went without being held except for during a few diaper changes. That's just the way she loves it! I hadn't seen my family in a while, so it was nice to get to visit with them.

The ride home was interesting. Mom rode with us from Paris to Mt. Pleasant, but we still had a 1 1/2 hour journey ahead of us. I knew if Kherington were to wake up, she'd be ready to eat. She thinks 'waking up' is synonomous with 'time to eat' no matter how long it has been. We made it to Gladewater before I heard a whimper in the back seat. That whimper quickly turned into something a little louder. Tyler was just too far for me to let that pitiful cry continue. We stopped and had a bottle, but she was still not satisfied. I found the CD from our wedding to listen to. It has very soothing music, and music helps calm her sometimes. Luckily this was one of those times. (Thanks Sue and Murray for that CD.) The rest of the trip was peaceful! We survived our first long trip in the car!

Meeting Family

Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 - On the day Kherington was born, Brad's mom had the flu, so she and her family were not able to come to the hospital. Luckily, she was feeling better the following weekend, so they came to meet their new grandbaby. After raising 5 boys, they deserve a granddaughter! :) That day, Kherington met Grandma (Brad's mom, Leslie), Grandpa (Brad's dad, Eddie), Scott, and Brian (his brothers). Uncles are definitely something that Kherington is not lacking! She's already met three and has two more to go.

While she enjoyed having many pairs of arms ready to hold her, Brad cooked hotlinks on his new grill. We ate hotlinks and watched football for the rest of the evening. Of course it was a Saturday, so we had two games going at once. We watched college football on the TV, switching back and forth between all the games, and we watched Stephen's game on the computer. One game at a time is just not enough! Kherington successfully napped through her first Saturday of football. Her daddy tends to get a little excited when he watches Stephen play, but it didn't bother her. :) Family, food, and football...just your average Saturday at our house, only now there is a baby here. It still blows my mind sometimes. It was a great day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lots of Firsts

With a new baby at home, it seems like there are tons of 'firsts' that happen each day. First day at home, first time in the car, first bath, first doctor's appointment... The list could go on.

Coming home from the hospital was obviously her first time in her car seat and first time in the car. When our journey home began, she was asleep, so she was perfectly content. We had to make a stop at CVS to get some things the doctor suggested for my recovery. Mom went into CVS, and Kherington and I waited in the car. By the time Mom got back to the car, she was quickly becoming fed up with her car seat and ready to be napping in a more cozy place.

Kheri's first day at home was full of firsts. One of my favorites was her first bath. I remember seeing my neices getting their sponge baths when they were newborns and it was torture. They hated it! I was expecting the same from her. Luckily, the opposite was true. She looked a little confused about what was going on, but seemed to enjoy it. Thankfully my mom was there to bathe her, so I was able to video and take pictures.
If every week goes by as fast as the week after she was born, she will be starting school far too so
on! On Sept. 29, it was off to the doctor for her 1 week check-up. Brad took off of work so he could come along and help. I have a hard enough time getting myself up and out the door in the morning. Being responsible for another person as well was quite a job. What do I need to pack in her diaper bag? What if I forget something important? What if there are sick kids in the waiting room? What if she's hungry when it's time to leave? I had tons of questions that I'd never had to think about before. Some of my worries were resolved when we got in the car on time (with a happy, sleeping baby none the less). Not long after we walked in the door, the receptionist told us to go ahead and go to the room so we didn't have to wait in the waiting room with the kiddos that were not feeling well. Two worries down, several to go... When the nurse came into the room, I was told to get Kherington into a diaper only. So much for anyone seeing that CUTE outfit. ;) The nurse weighed her, which made her fuming mad, and she was almost back to her birth weight. Next, the doctor came to take a look at Kheri and said she looked perfect! I asked about giving her more formula at each feeding because she had been acting like she wanted more. Dr. McRae told me to follow her lead and that she would let me know when she was full. I'm not sure if that's true. I think this little one would drink as much as one would offer! She's a little pig! Just like that, our first visit with Dr. McRae was over, with no major disasters!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kherington Jo

My sister, Andrea, has followed many blogs for a while now. She recently started her own, with much grief from me. After months teasing her about her blog, here I am with my own... I guess having a new baby will bring out the blogger in you.

On September 22 at 6:00am, Brad and I loaded the car with my bag, a pillow, and soon to be baby Baca's bag. We headed to the hospital for the induction of my labor. It was just one day after my due date, but it felt like ages! After checking in to the hospital, we went to the 4th floor to labor and delivery. Once, we were in the room I took the first (and only) picture of my pregnant belly. Not long after I changed into that fashionable hospital gown, a nurse came in to start my IV. Let the fun begin...

All of the details between the start of the IV and Kherington's arrival are really not necessary. Just know that the drama queen in me came out, along with Brad's inate coaching voice, and Mom's emotional side. It was a looooong day. However, it's not fair to make the day seem so dreadful. Most of it was spent hanging out with family and laughing at Avery and Addison. They are always good for some comic relief.

Finally, after hours of labor, Kherington made her apperance into the world...fashionably late. :) She was born at 9:19pm, weighed 7 pounds 15 ounces, and was 20 inches long. After the nurses weighed, measured, cleaned, and swaddled her, they gave her to me. She was wide awake and locked eyes with me for what seemed like forever. It was the most surreal moment of my life. I fell in love with her instantly!