Saturday, October 31, 2009


So...It's 1:22 AM and I am waiting for Kherington to wake up to eat. I know, I need to sleep when she sleeps. Yeah right! She fell asleep at 10:30, so I thought, 'Ok, she'll wake up at 12:30ish, I'll feed her, and we'll go to bed.' I like to stay awake for that first nighttime feeding. It's better to stay up late than to wake up after being sound asleep. She'd probably rather me stay awake as well. I'm not exactly coherent when I feed her during the night. You could probably compare my daytime feedings to driving a car, and my nighttime feedings to driving that same car...with a few drinks in me.

Usually when I sit down to blog, I have in mind exactly what I want to say, and it serves some purpose. This one is in no way meant to entertain anyone, it's for more selfish reasons. I'm just trying to pass time until she wakes up. Luckily I had "Annie" recorded on my DVR for this exact reason. I knew it would come in handy one day. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll love ya tomorrow..." I love this movie. Ok, Kherington's stomach is growling like a freaking bear. Seriously?!?! Am I going to have to wake a sleeping baby? I may regret it, but here goes. You may hear about this tomorrow. If there is no blog, consider that good news.

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