Thursday, October 29, 2009

Attn: Coaches' Wives

New baby + football season = bad timing :)

If you are reading this, you probably know that my husband is a football coach at Chapel Hill. Having a baby during football season was not my smartest moment. Not only am I home by myself 90% of the time, I have also missed out on going to the games on Friday nights. During the week, weather is perfect, and without fail, every Friday has either been rainy or cold. Earlier in the week I started thinking about going to the freshman game on Thursday. It's at 5:00 as opposed to 7:00, like the varsity games, so it shouldn't be too cold yet. The weather was predicted to be a comfortable temperature but rainy. Even though Brad told me that Kherington and I could sit in the press box, I still didn't want to have to walk to or from the car in the rain. I checked the weather all day hoping that it would change, but I wasn't that lucky. Reluctantly, I decided to brave the weather and go! When we arrived, the weather was pleasant. Brad met me at the car and walked us up to the press box, let us in, and turned on the AC. Watching a game in an air conditioned room...I could get used to this. Right behind us, walked in a high school student. Soon I figured out that he was there to film the game. Immediately I pictured a room full of coaches watching game film on Saturday afternoon and hearing Kherington scream in the background. No pressure, but 'that baby better not cry.' I could see it on his face. At this point Kherington was still sleeping soundly in her car seat, so I was able to enjoy the game.
We made it through the first quarter without incident. As the second quarter started, so did the monsoon. Bring on the rain, in sheets as a matter of fact. I can handle a little rain, but can the boys? Fumble, missed snap, blocked punt, fumble... We only made it through the first few minutes of the 2nd quarter before, BOOM! Lightening cleared the field and bleachers as Kherington and I sat in the press box. I thought "What in the *^$# am I going to do?" I can't walk to the car with her, she'll get soaked. I can't just stay here, we'll get struck by lightening. Brad is a smart man. Evidently he could read my mind, because in he walked. He borrowed a poncho from another coach and pulled my car as close as he could. He draped her car seat with the poncho and off we went. Kherington's first football game was one that I will always remember.

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