Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gig em Aggies...or not.

Ok, so I feel like my blogs are getting very long and boring. I already wrote the blog about going to the Independence Bowl, but I feel like all those details are a little unnecessary. Here's what you need to know. (feel free to read the original blog found below if you are just terribly bored.).
1. Back in the car for 5 more hours.
2. Midway through the car ride, drop Kherington off at Mom's for her first night away from Mommy and Daddy.
3. Get to the hotel. Layer, layer,'s gonna be cold.
4. Get to the game...diggin the atmosphere. Have a little "sweet tea."
5. First half + crazy Aggies = fun. Oh yeah, A&M is a bit like a cult, but a fun one.
6. Second half + lots of turnovers + sunset = freezing cold and losing
7. Got to see David, Kathy, and the kids.
8. Dinner at Saltgrass. YUM! "losers, party of four...losers, party of four."
9. Sleep on an air mattress...ewww
10. Next morning, Waffle House. "I sure hope this doesn't affect my tip," after we waited FOREVER to even order drinks.
11. Finally home!!!!

The morning after Christmas in Cleburne, we got up early to hit the road yet again. Off to Shreveport for the Independence Bowl to see A&M play Georgia. First, to Bogata we went to drop Kherington off at my mom's. She keeps Andrea's 2 girls overnight often, but now that we are adding another kiddo to the mix, it should make for an interesting night. The rest of the trip would be with Andrea and AD. We went straight to the hotel when we got there to put on our many layers for the cold night ahead and to meet Aaron. From there we went to the game. We got lucky and didn't have to fight too much traffic; however, we had to park forever away from the stadium. After the long walk, we were regretting all the clothes we had on. The atmosphere outside the stadium was awesome! We made our way to the stadium only to wait in a long line to get inside. While waiting, our cousin, David, and his family joined us in line. They live in Indiana, so we rarely see them. The line moved quickly and we found our seats. The first half was great! With such a close score, it looked like the Aggies might have a chance. Since I didn't go to school there, I wasn't really invested in the game. However, my sister is an Aggie, and if you know an Aggie, you know it's probably just best to cheer for A&M right along with them. They can get a little crazy about their school. :) I will admit that being surrounded by Aggies made for a fun time! As you probably already know, the 2nd half got a little out of hand. As the spread between the two teams' scores became larger, the crowd got smaller. This gave us a chance to go sit with David, Kathy, and the kids. After an excrutaiting 2nd half, the game ended and we got to the car as quickly as possible to thaw out. To make up for the loss, we went to Salt Grass for dinner. There we met David and the fam yet again. While waiting to be seated, we hear " of 4, of 4." With confusion, we all looked around to see who exactly the "losers" were. A group of 4 Aggie fans made their way to the front of the crowd to go to their table.
During our trip, Andrea and I talked to Mom a few times to see how the girls were doing. At one point, Mom txt me a picture of Kherington's bathtime. The pic says it all. Nothing like a night in Bogata...

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